With domestic pet arthritis on the rise, and owner education at the heart of understanding and treatment for such a debilitating condition, November 2018 saw a campaign by Severn Veterinary Centre to increase client awareness.  Leaflets and posters ensured everybody who was interested was welcome and any client with pets over the age of 8 were personally invited. The campaign also took to social media via our renovated Facebook page.

The brief we were given stated that an adventure theme must be used, and after much debate the team and decided to use a woodland walk theme. We gathered logs, leaves, branches and netting to transform the reception area into an Autumnal adventure – and of course no awareness afternoon is complete without homemade cakes and refreshments for everyone that attended.

To start our afternoon off one of our veterinary surgeons, Mary,  held short consultations with clients and discussed the benefits of home care, weight management and various treatment options to aid the clients and their pets in arthritis management.

Emphasis on rehabilitation and hydrotherapy was  also a big talking point and our paddling pool game of ‘hook a duck’ allowed clients to win prizes including free hydrotherapy taster session. Our hydrotherapist Natasha, also asked a loyal client to come in for their usual session and allowed other clients and members of the public to watch the session and ask questions on how hydrotherapy works and the benefits it has on a animals mobility.

Whilst this was all going on, our nurses also set up different areas of the practice based on different arthritis management techniques. Each nurse talked about a different topic such as laser therapy, supplements, acupuncture and our after 8 clinics.

We hope we made the afternoon enjoyable for both staff and clients as well as ensuring everybody left feeling like they had more knowledge about how to care for their beloved pets with arthritis.