Microchips are required for every pet that you wish to take abroad.

A rabies vaccination will need to be administrated to your pet once a microchip has been inserted. This can be done during the same consultation. Your pet can travel to Europe 21 days after the rabies vaccination, with the day of the vaccine being day 0. Your pet must be at least 12 weeks old before they can have the rabies vaccine.

To re-enter the UK from Europe, tapeworm treatment must be administered to your pet, by a vet, 24-120 hours before return.

The expiry date for each Passport will be the date that a rabies vaccination booster is required (boosters are required every 3 years).

Please go to www.gov.uk/take-pet-abroad for further information

How do I arrange these steps?
Please contact your local Severn Veterinary branch to arrange an appointment.

The regulations relating to pet passports, can and do change. We advise that you check with DEFRA and the relevant authorities of the countries you intend to travel to with your pet, to make sure you are aware of any changes in the regulations and specific local regulations.