Pet Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is defined as general stimulation or selected treatment of impaired physiological function by natural physical means. Animal physiotherapy has developed over the last 30 years in the UK. Research is ongoing. This research coupled with medical developments has led way to the production of the current physiotherapy techniques used today, and the physiotherapeutic equipment available.

Physiotherapy following injury or surgery can optimise and improve the quality of healing. Many other conditions benefit from physiotherapy, including:

• Arthritis
• Muscle, tendon and ligament injuries
• Joint disease
• Paralysis/paresis
• Fractures
• Weakness
• Altered gait
• Neurological disturbances
• Orthopaedic conditions
• Wounds


Treatments available at Severn Vets include:

• Massage
• Passive exercises
• Active assisted exercises
• Electrical muscle stimulation
• Therapeutic ultrasound
• Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF)
• Ultra bright / infrared phototherapy
• Blue phototherapy

Nurse Natasha Wyard manages the rehabilitation centre within the practice supported by hydrotherapist Jemma Sewell. Natasha holds a diploma in Animal Physiotherapy and is a member of the International Association of Animal Therapists (IAA T). Jemma holds a level 3 certificate in canine hydrotherapy. Physiotherapeutic treatments are carried out following referral from a Veterinary Surgeon.